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SpielBurgers // Case Study


SpielBurgers // Case Study

In honor of Steven Spielberg and his latest movie Ready Player One - we changed the name of Carl's Jr.'s sliders to SpielBurgers. Only problem? Spielberg hated the idea.

We released five films recreating iconic moments from Spielberg's classic with sliders. We then asked for his approval on Twitter, crashed his movie premiere, and snuck into Amblin Entertainment and left a note on his car.

Spielberg shot a selfie video in response, admitting our burgers were "pretty good" but also "absolutely not."

The campaign received over 1.6 Billion in earned media and ran across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit.

We worked with Stoopid Buddy to create the five SpielBurger films and they are absolute magic. 

Watch all five SpielBurger films here.